Value Your Trade at KIPO Chevrolet

Get More for What Your Old Vehicle is Currently Worth

Shopping for a new vehicle can be stressful if you're operating on a tight budget. Down payment prices and sky-high rocketed MSRPs are just the beginning. But what if you could afford a new vehicle outside of your budget with a little bit of extra spending money?

Here at KIPO Chevrolet, we encourage Ransomville drivers to value their trade and get paid cash for their old car. Whether you're in the market for something new or not, valuing your trade at KIPO Chevrolet helps put some extra money in your pocket. Choose cash for quick payment upfront, or if you're interested in something new, you can apply your credit directly towards lowering the cost of your next vehicle.

How Does the Process Work?

Valuing your trade near Niagara Falls, NY, is as easy as filling out a brief questionnaire on our website. To get started, we'd first like to know everything about your vehicle - Does it run? How many miles? What's the condition? Any major accidents? Aftermarket accessories? After compiling all of this information, we'll cross-check your vehicle's status report by asking you for the unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Once our valuation team determines the value of your old car, we will provide you with an offer and set up a time for your car to be picked up or dropped off at our facility. For drivers in North Tonawanda seeking quick cash, you can choose to take the money and run. But for those in the market for something new, we recommend applying your old car's value to your next purchase. It will help bring down the overall cost and help you afford something potentially out of your price range.

Benefits of Trading in Your Old Car

In addition to getting equity to use towards purchasing something new, valuing your trade at KIPO Chevrolet offers many unique benefits for drivers in Williamsville, NY, including:

  • It's a chance to get rid of that old vehicle that's been sitting in your driveway for the past few years
  • It allows you to peruse the new vehicle market with an increased budget
  • If the vehicle doesn't run (which will certainly affect its trade-in value) we can potentially help tow it away
  • It puts some extra spending money in your pocket even if you don't decide to purchase something new right away

But that's not all! When you contact us to value your trade, our expert and friendly sales team at KIPO Chevrolet can also assist with routine maintenance, service, sales, and financing. We do it all and strive to deliver exceptional customer service around every corner of the trade-in process.

Get Paid for Your Old Vehicle in Lockport, NY

The key to trading in your old vehicle in Lockport, NY, is to ensure you get maximum value. Here at KIPO Chevrolet, our professionally trained valuation experts use information from Kelley Blue Book's (KBB) current market data to help extract full value from your trade-in. No matter the condition, our team seeks to pay you every penny for what your old vehicle is worth. Part of this entails cooperation on your part, in that you disclose every detail and describe your vehicle in its entirety to ensure you get paid in full.

Contact Us

Kickstart the trade-in process at KIPO Chevrolet by contacting us online or in person at our facility in Ransomville, NY. We'll help value your trade and help you afford to shop for something featured in our new inventory, like the new Chevrolet Silverado 1500 or Chevrolet Trailblazer. Please call or contact us online to speak with a team member and explore our pre-owned inventory for the latest used vehicle specials. We look forward to meeting you!